Welcome to Red Lion Farm, the home of our Jersey Ice Cream.

We are a small family business that turns our creamy Jersey milk into delicious Ice Cream.

We have opened our gates and built an Ice Cream parlour  for you to try our wares and visit us to see where the Ice Cream is made.

In late 2017 we opened our new brick purpose built Ice cream parlour moving from the old wooden chalet we were in before. Work is still ongoing and this year we are improving the outdoor seating area and providing cycle parking.

We make the Ice cream every week and have over 20 flavours to try from our freezers either take home packs or on a cone. In the summer we put in another cabinet taking the total to over 30 flavours and have special guest flavours made so when its gone, its gone! We don’t think you’ll get bored of the flavours even if you come up every week!

Come and visit our animals

We have chickens and ducks – various breeds, rabbits and guinea pigs and our resident pygmy goats that live in Rascal Ranch.

During the summer grazing months it is possible to see our Jersey cows munching on the grass to make the milk. We milk them once a day in the morning and they take the rest of the day off. You can also to see our other farm animals that live here too. This includes our small herd of Highland cows that usually start calving around June and with these lives Leslie our old favourite Hereford cow.

We have a little flock of sheep which include Border Leicester’s, Derbyshire Gritstones, zswartble and a couple of all sorts, we lamb these in April, if you like to see the lambs with their mum’s.

We also have some Alpacas, 3 young males Dewy, Pongo and Scooby and our older wiser duo Bruce and Eric.

Trotting around the field is Jack our Shire, he’s quite a handsome young man and keeping him company is Maple our very very old cob horse who has been retired from work and has come to live out her days here.

Marjorie our rescue Donkey is usually found on window patrol around the tearoom. Contrary to most Donkeys Marj very much likes her own company and chooses to spend the night where she wants by standing by the appropriate door or gate until we very obligingly let her through –sometimes with the cows sometimes with the sheep and sometimes on her own but can always be found by the carpark gate in the morning to take a carrot off the chef!

There is animal feed available and very importantly HAND WASH facilities in the toilets.

We are open

We are open all year round Wednesday till Sunday 10.30 till 4.30

On Bank holiday Mondays we are also open

Please note there are no picnics allowed as we provide food and refreshment in the tearoom but please feel free to put a blanket on the grass and enjoy our Ice cream.

If you want to stay we have a small caravan park as well which is open all year round.